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                        Guangdong N-lighting equipment Co. Ltd with NL as its registered trademark, National High Tech Enterprises. the factory is located in Guangdong New Light Source Industry Base, Nanhai District, Foshan City. It designs and produces professional lighting equipment, and its products are sold all over the country.
                        N-lighting focuses on outdoor lighting and landscape lighting. Our products have been widely used in various types of projects, including parks, squares, high-end residential buildings, business centers and Tourist town.
                        N-lighting has established a good distributors’ network in China. we are able to provide our best sales services and lighting solution to most of the major cities in china. Our design team can respond promptly to architect’s special request such as quality lighting solution,. Project design and custom-made luminaries according to architects’ ideas. Our technical team can work out the responsible solutions in associated with technical drawing; making sample; illumination and performance test, electrical and mechanical checking about product safety; quality control; and finish the products in a most professional way to our customers. Our aim is to become a professional, responsible and innovative lighting equipment manufacturer to provide customers with competitive professional lighting equipment.